I want modern American women to reclaim the notion of being homemakers.

"Homemaking" is really a fabulously all-encompassing, contemporary, savvy notion with unfortunate and unnecessary Judy Cleaver baggage. So many of the women I know—whether they invest their daylight hours at home, work, or a mix of both—feel passionate about creating warm, fun, lovely homes and a rich, rewarding family life. It doesn't matter if our kids are borrowing our cars or biting our ankles (or still on the way!), we all thrive on gleaning ideas from each other. I mean really, can you have a five-minute conversation with a good friend without taking away at least one tidbit about her favorite new mascara or black bean soup recipe? Me neither!

So that's what this blog is about: sharing the inspirations I glean not only from my girlfriends (I'm truly blessed to know so many talented, smart, faith-filled, encouraging, keep-it-real women in all seasons of life), but also from my own constant lookout for doable ideas and intelligent insights that enrich my life and that of my family. 

I hope my little blog is as fun for you to read as it is for me to create.