Friday, July 15, 2011

The Shop Around the Corner

Earlier this week I wrote about The Stash, an awesome occasional store in Waconia, and how it opened my eyes to the whole "pop-up shop" phenomenon. When the awesome owners of The Stash learned of my home d├ęcor obsession, they said, "Get in your car right now and drive four blocks to The Shop Around the Corner. They close in an hour!" We eagerly obeyed. Stepping into the Shop Around the Corner, my adrenaline started buzzing, and all I could think of was Sarah Richardson of Sarah's House and Sarah 101 fame. In her shows (which I watch religiously, usually early on Sunday mornings with a cup of hot coffee before Heidi's House wakes up and gets crazy), Sarah is always bopping about to treasure trove stores where she finds beat up old desks and lumpy old chairs that, with some "simple" reupholstering and/or paint, transform into one-of-a-kind show stoppers. Not to mention the fun-and-fab plates, lamps, signs, and artwork that Sarah uses to such great effect in her finished spaces. "Why aren't there any of those stores around me?" I used to wonder. Turns out there are stores like that around me—and probably around you, too, in the form of occasional stores like The Shop Around the Corner. 

This place truly did make my heart race. I was very tempted to buy a pile of pillows that looked almost identical to some I saw on the cover of a recent Pottery Barn catalog as well as a big iron industrial basket to corral blankets in our basement. Truthfully, this store is so fun and inspiring, it made me want to re-do my mudroom and all of my kids' rooms. Since that's not in the cards, I only bought a big "H" that's propped on my desk and a black-and-white primitive "Grand Central Station" box sign that is now hanging (oh so appropriately) in my kitchen. I can't WAIT to get back!

Cool quilt, pillows and nightstands featured on Sarah's House on HGTV

 Cool quilt, pillows and nightstands (with inset maps!) at The Shop Around the Corner!

Wine bottle chandelier—how kitschy cute would this be on a screened-in porch?
Repurposed old trunk + great girls' room art
Painted furniture

Decoupage dresser

Patchwork pillows

Lamps, funky art + more, more, more

I just loved how the shop hours are written on brown packing paper

Like The Stash, The Shop Around the Corner is open the first weekend of every month. Upcoming dates are August 4–7 and September 1–4. Have fun!

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