Friday, February 25, 2011

Birthday Quiz for Your Kids

My son Bennett celebrated his 6th birthday this week. We did our usual birthday traditions (see a recent post with those ideas here)—including having Bennett complete an annual "Birthday Quiz." For the past few years, I've sat my boys down on their birthdays and asked them the following list of questions. These quizzes are always just plain fun to do, but my loftier longterm goal is to compile their respective quizzes into books that I'll give them after their 18th birthday. I like to imagine them all grown up, and how reading their old birthday quizzes will help them remember their little-boy selves, when the important things in life were idolizing LeBron James and loving sausage pizza.

Yes, a picture says 1,000 words. But sometimes words capture more than a picture ever could.

Here's Bennett's quiz—if you can think of "favorites" that I forgot to ask, I'd love to hear your ideas so I can incorporate them into future quizzes. Thank you!

Your Favorite Things at age 6

Friend: Jack and Ryan and Ruby
Restaurant: Buffalo Wild Wings
Movie: Megamind cause it’s so funny
Toy: My car that I got from McDonald’s playland (in his Happy Meal today)
Sport to watch: Basketball
Sport to play: Basketball
Athlete: LeBron James
Favorite shirt to wear to school: Football jersey
Pizza topping: Sausage
School lunch: Pizza
Kindergarten activity: Play the computer
Book: Curious George at the Baseball Game
Toothbrush: Spiderman one
Lunch dishes: I don’t care but I really like pink
Color: Blue and orange
Song: Dynamite and Break, Break Your Heart (by Taio Cruz)
Number: 110
Favorite thing to do as a family: Go out to eat
Breakfast: Pannekookins [His word for pancakes]
To play with Nicholas: Play against him on the Wii, on 2K11
To play with Grant: Quiet time I think
About Grant: Cause he’s always funny
About Nicholas: Cause he loves to play basketball and me too
About Rowan: That I always sing to RoRo, “RoRo’s song” and I call her Rosie
Pjs: T-shirt and shorts
Word: "Basketball!"
Thing about Jesus: That I love him in my heart
After-school snack: Dunkers
Show: Curious George
Second favorite show: Berenstain Bears
College football team: Minnesota and Iowa State
Favorite friend in kindergarten class: Jack, but I don't know his last name 
Thing about Mrs. Fairchild: Mrs. Fairchild is always smart
Candy: Skittles
Ice cream: Chocolate
What do you want to be when you grow up: Basketball player
Store: Target
Board game: Chess
Car: Hot Rod


  1. OK, love that your kindergartner can play chess...wish I remembered how to play chess!!!
    What are dunkers? Need to know! This is a darling idea - I hope I remember to steal birthday is in October! AWESOME!

  2. Funny! Oh my goodness, Bennett does not know how to play chess, he just likes to think that he does.

    Dunkers!! They're kind of like a blend of biscotti and chocolate chip cookies, and my boys love dunking them in milk. I buy them at Trader Joe's. They are mighty tasty. But not even in the same orbit as your vanilla pudding chocolate chip cookies, Molly!