Thursday, January 27, 2011


I am such a believer in tiny traditions—those little gestures and rituals that help define a family. I've learned about lots of  fun family traditions from my New American Homemaker™ girlfriends, and I'll be sharing them in the future. I'd love to hear even more ideas, so please leave a comment about what your family does to celebrate life!

My oldest turns nine today, so I'm going to share our favorite birthday traditions. Our brand-new tradition? Birthday Boards! I made this "9" yesterday using Shape Collage, the fabulous photo site I wrote about on on Monday. The collage is made of 159 of my favorite Nick pics, from the day he was born to his basketball game last Saturday. It took me less than an hour to make this—including sorting through the digital images, using the Shape Collage software (that part actually took two minutes flat), and uploading it to Costco where I printed it on poster board for $25. (BTW for Minneapolis moms: The St. Louis Park store is known for having the best photo center of all the area Costcos, and is used by a lot of professional photographers and creative shops.) I propped it up on the kitchen table, and when he came down this morning he capital-L Loved it!

Two more of the kids' favorite traditions are the "You Are Special" plate (which they know will be laden with sprinkle-covered donuts for their birthday breakfast) and the shimmery door curtain that we hang on their bedroom door before they wake up. 

These easy, simple traditions make the kids so happy. They make me happy, too, because while we may not be able to afford piles of presents and lavish birthday parties for our four kids, I have a hunch it'll be these little things that, many years from now, they'll remember the most. 


  1. This is all very cool. Happy Birthday Nicholas ! You are so special to all of us.

  2. I LOVE the birthday board idea! So creative!!